March 2018
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How To Purchase The Correct Lawn Mower

Everyone has their ideal product, these days there's so much variety that people are spoiled for choice. But with a larger selection comes a
higher chance the product will not be right for you. I recently had to search for a new lawnmower and I was surprised at how difficult it
was. So I've written this piece to help others out there that are in the same situation I was.

There are 3 main types of lawn mower, Petrol, electric and hand. I will not go into detail on ride-on mowers as these are less common in the
UK. Petrol mowers are still around but are now slowly being phased out by their newer electrical counterparts. This is obviously due to
petrol prices rising and making them increasingly more expensive to run. Although a good petrol mower can do an incredibly thorough job, Its
definitely not worth the running costs.
This leaves the electric mower and the hand mower, now this choice all depends on how easy you would like lawn mowing to be. The hand mowers
have definitely improved in the past 10 years, they are light and fairly easy to use and cheap to run, however, they are not as thorough as

the electric or petrol models. The hand mower will probably give you a bit more of a workout as it will require you to go over the same area
a couple of times to make sure it has cut the grass properly.
So to sum it all up, If you have the money to spend on a one off payment for an electric mower this would definitely be a good choice, its

fairly cheap to run and it does a great job.
Alternatively if you don't like doing your own lawn maintenance you could just get a lawn expert to do the job for you.

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